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  • I am working currently EDI Solution over AS2.

    As per requirement, Client Send us to EDI 850 message and we need to receive at our end.

    I have implemented complete example of Microsoft AS2 Tutorial ( in my server for receiving 850 Example and sending url to client.

    My Example works with AS2 Header for Fabrikam and Contoso example but

    Sudden I found Client doesn’t sent AS2 Header In EDI 850 message and they are directly start from ISA as below

    ISA*00*0         *00*0         *ZZ*SenderID       *ZZ*ReceiverID     *140228*1614*U*00401*000000001*0*T*^~



    …….Others Segments…..





    When I am trying to above EDI 850 using AS2EdiReceive pipeline I am getting error 

    The AS2 Decoder encountered an exception during processing.  Details of the message and exception are as follows:  AS2-From:"" AS2-To:"" MessageID:"" MessageType: "unknown" Exception:"An AS2 message was received that did not contain the AS2-From header."

    My main concern is It is compulsory to send AS2 Header detail in EDI message for receiving message ? 

    Is there any setting where we can receiving EDI file without As2 Header ?

    <o:p>Thanks in Advance.</o:p>

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  • Hi,

    The cause of this issue is one of the following:
    •The received MDN did not have the AS2-From header.
    •There was a configuration issue on the machine sending the MDN.
    •A static one-way HTTP send port was used to send the MDN. The MDN send port had a pass-through pipeline, therefore, it was not promoting the AS2-From and AS2-To headers.


    Solution: 1.  On the MDN send port, use an AS2Send pipeline. The AS2Send creates AS2 Message headers from the context properties of the message.

    Solution 2.  Use a dynamic send port to send the MDN back. This is because the messages may be coming from different partners and the MDN needs to go to a different destination URL. The dynamic HTTP send port populates the destination URL from the received AS2 message. The filter needed on the dynamic send port is EdiIntAS.IsAS2AsynchronousMdn==True

    Reference :



    Friday, June 19, 2015 12:07 PM