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  • You're a genius if you figure this out:

    From my Windows 2008 R2 Standard server using SSMS 10.0.55 (SQL Server 2008), I'm trying to connect to a remote SQL 2008 Express named (SQLEXPRESS) instance on my workstation.

    Keep in mind, since this wasn't working, I've at least opened Wireshark to monitor network traffic, and Process Explorer to ensure Named Pipes were created (and, as back-up, TCP/IP ports were LISTENING).  And they were/are.

    When I attempt to connect to "myWorkstation", SSMS will not connect.  However, this is expected, as my 2008 Express edition is a named instance of "SQLEXPRESS".  However, I want you to know at this point, in Wireshark, I see my server PC (whom is the client in this situation) requesting the named pipe connection to my workstation (whom is the host in this setup).  Of course, the instance name wasn't specified, so it attempts to open a named pipe that doesn't exist, and all fails.

    Therefore, I go back into SSMS and correctly specific "myWorkstation\SQLExpress".  You would expect this to work, but it doesn't.  I see the named pipe is created and ready for a connection on "myWorkstation" using Process Explorer, however when viewing Wireshark, oddly enough, the server PC (SSMS, the client) never even sends a network packet to my PC!  It doesn't even try to connect!

    This is EXTREMELY odd!

    I'm having no luck connecting via TCP/IP either (from anywhere) so there may be a 2nd issue.  I can connect locally using TCP/IP or named pipes without issue.

    Any ideas??

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  • Is the SQL Server Browser service running on the server? If not, I can imagine that above would be what happens. The client tries to determine the port number (or similar for named pipes) using port 1434 UDP. If the server doesn't listen on 1434 UDP (the SQL Server Browser service), then it won't know how to connect, so it won't even try. (And perhaps it created some pipe thingie earlier, which now won't be used). I would try to connect using TCP, using the port number, as in servername,portnumber and see what happens.

    Tibor Karaszi, SQL Server MVP | web | blog

    Tuesday, October 16, 2012 11:27 AM

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