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  • Hi All,

    I've been building a couple of WES7 images using ICE and noticed a strange behavior with the mouse pointer.

    First of all, the images are not identical, they have a few packages that are not present. The main difference is that, lets call it image A, has no updates/hotfixes included in the image. Where image B has all the Applicable Updates included. (Latest update performed 20 June 2015).

    The strange behavior with the mouse pointer is that image A always has the pointer (cursor) present, even when there is no physical mouse connected to the device. Image B seems to handle the visibility of the mouse pointer when a mouse is connected/disconnected from the device.

    I know in the past the work around was to use a blank cursor pointer scheme to hide the mouse cursor. Now it seems that the updated image can handle the mouse pointers. Am I right to assume that this behavior is related to one of the latest updates for WES7? Or could it be something else that is happening?

    I can't find any information on the WES7 updates that state a mouse cursor fix or something similar, hence my question to see if anyone else has experienced this?

    Just for your reference the different packages between Image A and B are:

    Image A:

    WinEmb-INF-ntprint,Driver Package
    WinEmb-INF-tsprint,Driver Package
    WinEmb-Diagnostics-Performance,Feature Package
    WinEmb-Dialog-Filter,Feature Package
    WinEmb-TerminalServicesClient,Feature Package

    Image B:

    WinEmb-Device-UX,Feature Package
    WinEmb-Font-Bitmap-Miscellaneous,Feature Package
    WinEmb-Font-TrueType-Miscellaneous,Feature Package
    Microsoft-Windows-PlatformUpdate-Win7-SRV08R2-Package-TopLevel,Other Package
    (Plus many KBxxxxx which I can list if needed)

    Thank you in advance for your time,


    Thursday, July 2, 2015 8:52 AM


  • Hi All,

    For anyone else that might have come accross to this issue, what I found out so far is that the Remote Desktop package causes the problem (WinEmb-TerminalServicesClient).

    I've created a basic OS image without Remote Desktop and the mouse dissapears when there is no mouse connected. Same OS image with the Remote Desktop included and the mouse pointer never goes away.
    Coincidence? Not sure as I don't really know what the Remote Desktop package contains and does to the OS, if anyone out there from Microsoft knows, please let me/us know about it.


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