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  • Just writing this to comment on the changes I’ve seen in how apps are ranked. It appears that rankings now use average review score as a weight to determine an app’s position in the store. Although this is a good idea in theory, it looks to have some flaws. Ranking by review averages seems to lift up certain categories of apps. The four I’ve seen ranking well now are:

    -          Legitimately good apps, which I think is a good outcome.

    -          Religion focused apps , because due to their nature people will rate them better.  

    -          Fan or association based apps. Since they will disproportionately be downloaded by people who will already like the content of the app.

    -          Apps with shill reviews (What I’m concerned about).

    * Please note that I don’t consider good apps and religion and fan based app mutually exclusive of each other. It just seems that these classes of apps have an advantage now.

    What I think is bad about this is that it incentivizes rating applications more and gives an advantage to developers who are a comfortable with giving or paying for shill reviews. I’m also worried that it incentivizes the opposite behavior, bad reviews. I think this has essentially opened up the possibility of people tanking other apps by giving them a bunch of negative reviews.

    This also weakens the effect that promoting your app externally will have.  I’ve noticed a few apps that are tied to pretty popular websites drop in rankings.


    So just want to ask, is this change permanent? Or is this just a marketplace hiccup that will be reverted? Honestly, going through the new rankings in the store, there are some new apps there that are questionable.

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