WLK 1.6 - How to address cases were tests (sub jobs) fail? RRS feed

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  • During the process of running my software only driver through WLK, I have two tests that fail:

    Common Scenario Stress with IO - job Common_Scenario_Stress_With_IO

    Disable Enable with IO - Job Disable_Enable_With_IO

    I have specifically run these tests both with and without a kernel debugger attached.  With the debugger attached I am not getting any real useful information, my driver does not break into the debugger.  Looking through options I have within Studio, the logs I can get really don't tell you anything?

    Is there a way to get more detailed information on why the failure occurred and perhaps what was responsible for the error?  Are there any resources that might guide someone new to WLK through this part of the process?

    For example: the first test listed passed 601 tests and failed 3, the second test passed 40 and failed 4.  Is there a published acceptable deviation on the pass fail ratio? or does everything need to pass?

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    Tuesday, August 7, 2012 3:20 PM


  • I disable dhcp on my test system and went to static IP address and that has solved my issues with the Disable Enable with IO job failures.  I am rerunning the first test to see if it addresses the issues in that one as well.

    It seems that when you setup your DTM test client, you should really use static ip addressing.  It seems that there are delays in DHCP recovery when resuming from a hibernate/suspend state and they possible contribute to false failures.

    Wednesday, August 8, 2012 5:06 PM