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  • Hi,

    We need to connect to IBM MQ Version 9.1 from BizTalk Server 2016. 

    We have the following configuration: 

    IBM MQ Server  

    installed on Linux  

    SSL enabled with a self signed certificate - Is it necessary to get a certificate from a CA  and not use a Self signed certificate ? Also, there is no SAN value in the certificate shared by the IBM team. and it is not issued against any user ( the user under which the BizTalk Server Host runs). Is this ok ? 

    IBM MQ server is XA Compliant  

    It is not a multi instance queue manager 


    BizTalk 2016 Server 

    MQSC adapter 

    HIS 2016 evaluation edition, CU3    

    MQ Client 9.0,0.4  -  where do I get the installer from ? Do I need to install it on the BizTalk Server if we have "Use Microsoft MQ Client = Yes" 

    "Distributed com users" local groups on BizTalk - the IBM MQ user is added to the group on the BizTalk Server. The BizTalk user is not added to the MQ Server group - citing GDPR regulations. 

    Do we need to add the BizTalk user to the IBM MQ Server group, if we use a certificate ( SSL connection ) 

    Character Set is 1208, utf-8 

    SSL Key Repository Location - shared path is /var/mqm/qmgrs/<<conncetionname>>/ssl/. Is this correct. This is for a Linux Server. 

    SSL Peer Name -  the values on the certificate are shared.   

    CN= , OU= , OU=   , O= Inc., L= , ST= , C=US 

    The certificate( self signed  that was shared by the IBM team ) is added to the certificate store. Do, we need to place it on the Receive Location/ send port. If so, where ? 

    The following error is reported : 

    Connecting to the Queue Manager failed: could not connect to the queue manager. Could not connect to the target Host/Port, SSL handshake failed

    What is wrong , can you please assist .


    Thursday, May 16, 2019 12:36 PM