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  • I've installed a new VM with Windows 8 Enterprise and trying building a Store package in VS 2012 Ultimate but getting error when trying to install it: 'The developer certificate '...[path to .cer file]' has expired. One possible cause is the system clock isn't set to the correct date and time. If the system settings are correct, contact the package owner to recreate a package with a valid certificate.'

    The thing is, using the same source, developer credentials and VS version I am able to build the proper valid package on my old VM with 90 day trial Win 8 version which expires soon. Why do I have this problem on the new machine when everything else seems the same?

    Wednesday, November 14, 2012 6:46 PM


  • Hi zorlette,

    From the error message, the problem seems be caused by the developer license is no longer valid (expired). As suggested, you should first make sure the commputer's time is sync with internet time server. Then, we need to check  the developer license on your development machine (the VM in your case). Generally, if the developer license is expired, when you restart windows and reload the Windows STore app project in Visual Studio 2012, the IDE should prompt you for renewing the developer license. You can try rebooting the VM and reload the project to see if this happens. Or you can manually renew the developer license through the

    Project --> Store --> Acquire Developer License ...

    menu which will ask you to login via the Microsoft account (windows live ID previously).

    #Get a developer license (Windows Store apps) (Windows)

    #How to renew your Developer License in Windows 8 using Visual Studio?

    after renewing the developer license, you can try rebuilding the project and try debug or deploy it to see if it works.

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    Monday, November 19, 2012 8:36 AM