Using VS with OneDrive - file change alerts


  • I have a problem using Visual Studio 2013 and OneDrive.   I suspect the problem lies mainly with OneDrive, as it does not occur when saving files outside of OneDrive.  But I'm hoping that someone may have experienced the same issue and can point me in the right direction.

    Everytime I save a file (in this case a SSIS package) to my OneDrive, around 30 seconds later VS alerts me that the file has been modified outside of the source editor, and asks if I want to reload it.  If I say Yes to this, I am reverted back to the version I saved 30 seconds earlier.

    There is no-one else working on this file.  Either locally, or shared, or through OneDrive.

    If I suspend OneDrive syncing, this behaviour stops.  So it is definitely occurring during the OneDrive sync.

    If I compare a copy of the file I saved, with the "changed" file, they are, by all appearances, identical.  The size and contents of the file is the same, the date stamps on the file are unaltered, and the attributes of the file are identical.

    And yet VS is picking up something altered on the file.  I've also experience the same behaviour on a few other programs that monitor for file changes the same way. 

    I know I can switch off this file change check completely, but I think that is a useful thing to have, in cases where the file really has changed.

    Does anyone know what it is that has changed, and what can I do to stop it?   Thanks.

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