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  • Hello all,

    We're migrating a large volume of data from an ESRI personal geodatabase stored in MS Access to a ESRI ArcSDE geodatabase stored in Oracle.  The actual migration process must use ESRI proprietary objects that are necessary to ensure the spatial data and the related spatial indexes are migrated correctly.  

    I'm looking for a tool that I can run after the migration to verify:

    1) the row count in the original table (OT) = the row count in the target table (TT)
    2) the OT and TT have the same number of fields
    3) there are no fields that are completely null (the values didn't copy to the TT) or have a high percentage of null values (e.g. >80% of the values are null indicate a problem)
    4) the integrity of data by querying for number of records with certain values (get a value in the OT, query for the number of records in the OT with that value and then verify that the TT has the same number of records with that value.)

    I can hack this out myself, but why waste the time if somebody had already done it?  Ideally, I'd be able to get my hands on the code (even more ideal if it's in VB) so I can modify it for our needs if necessary.



    Thursday, June 28, 2007 6:07 PM