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  • Almost a year ago, I would have said that SQL Server 2005 and all the more so 2008 are good database choices. However, now I am not so sure.

    Ever since SQL Server SP2 came out, my Windows Live OneCare has been trying to install SQL Server 2005 SP2 every day. And every day the install of this important security update fails.

    I see no obvious way to make Microsoft aware that this install fails on my Windows Vista machine. Therefore, I lose confidence that Microsoft even cares.

    I tried getting rid of SQL Server 2005. However, Microsoft Office Accounting that I use requires SQL Server 2005. And therefore Windows Life OneCare tries to install every day, and the SP2 install fails every day.

    Since this could happen to my customers if my application requires SQL Server, I think I am better off not developing C# applications that use SQL Server. If I have problems with SQL Server updates, then my customers could certainly have the same problems. And I do not have a working solution for these problems. And I do not have any place to direct my customers to get a solution.

    I am frustrated because I have tried several times to solve this SQL Server 2005 SP2 install failure using information and downloads from Microsoft sites. If there is no solution available, and Microsoft does not even care, then other C# developers should be aware of the risk they take using Microsoft SQL Server. The risk is that the end user might not be able to install Service Packs, and therefore might worry about our choice of database server.

    My preference is that someone can provide a working solution. At this point, I have lost most of my hope that there is a solution and that Microsoft wants to hear about any SP2 install problems.

    I am the owner of Independent Inference Institute, Inc. of Baltimore, Maryland.

    Ron Lewis at Indinfer, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
    Monday, November 17, 2008 6:16 PM


  • Hi,

    I truly think, that SQL Serve is one of the best databases on the market.

    But back to your problem. Most of the problems regarding the installation of SQL Server service packs or updates seems to be, that the sql-server services are set to "manual" or "disabled".

    When the installation tries to restart this services, it fails, because it does not change the start-up settings of these services.

    Please remember, that this is only a tip - not a solution.

    For further informations please check this URL

    Re: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Service Pack 2 ..Failure

    I think that this forum is the better place for your questions about SQL Serrver.

    Best Regards,
    Ilija Injac

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