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  • I've created a web service in Visual Studio 2008. The namespace is http://thisismytest.com and the WebMethod name is Lock which takes one string parameter called num.

    1. How do I deploy this web service so that another computer on my intranet can use it? I just need it available in the intranet. I've read the msdn documents on deploying and they are more for making the web service public.

    2. When the web service is accessible to my intranet, how do I access it from a non-Visual Studio program? Do I just use the URL: http://thisismytest.com/Lock and pass in the correct xml?

    Thanks for your help!!
    Thursday, September 24, 2009 4:12 PM


  • Making a web service available on an intranet is the same as making it available on the Internet. It's a question of publishing it to a server that can be accessed by those who need to access it. Decide on which IIS server will serve it, and publish it there.

    To make it available to any modern consumer, simply tell them where to get the WSDL. In the case of an ASMX web service, this will be http://servicehost.company.com/service.asmx?WSDL. What they do with the WSDL will depend on the technology they are using. Something like Java will be very much like Visual Studio, and will create proxy classes that the Java code will use to access the service. Some scripting languages will read the WSDL at runtime and use it to invoke the web service operations dynamically.

    John Saunders
    WCF is Web Services. They are not two separate things.
    Use WCF for All New Web Service Development, instead of legacy ASMX or obsolete WSE
    Use File->New Project to create Web Service Projects
    Thursday, September 24, 2009 4:28 PM