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  • If anyone in this forum have been part of data migration and data conversion projects, I need some information on below items

    ·         Very brief description of your project.

    • Over all data migration architecture.

    ·         What was the amount of data you dealt with?

    ·         Key challenges faced in the project.

    ·         What was the time you allocated for the whole effort?

    ·         Any schedule/effort deviation? If so, reasons behind it.

    ·         Best practices followed.

    ·         Lessons learnt.

    ·         How did you handle the risks in the project?



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    Wednesday, February 7, 2007 9:17 PM

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  • My 0.05 cts

    My project was a web-enabled application for loans and credits

    I had to migrate different data for several sources, bcs over the years the company had been accumulating several disconnected applications so data was not just duplicated everywhere in outdated platforms hard to maintain, but also was unreliable

    Amount of data? Put it simple: all the data you can accumulate over 10 years of business. Several data. Don't care about how much. 100% of information

    Challenges: Dealing with ambiguities in order to decide what could be the right version of multiplicated info (I prefer to talk about "multiplicated" instead "duplicated" bcs "duplicated" applies when you have equivalent info just twice). Also, make a consistent plan for retro migration. That is, some of the info created for the 1st time in the new application had to be replicated for the old applications still in production (bcs the app migration process wasn't all-or-nothing)

    A little more than one year, but was in parallel with the new app development so I can say that for those 14 months, 40% or so of time I was dealing with data migration issues. I read myself and say "wow"

    Deviation: the project was intended for just 6 months because neither the organization nor myself took into account the data migration cost (consider this a leasson to learn)

    Best practice: raise the flag that the cost of a data migration project can be estimated in advance but will be confirmed once you have a clear understanding of all application requeriments, where data is produced, where it's consumed

    About handling risks... well from 6 months to 14 I can say that actually risks handled me  You just don't underestimate these thoughts and don't commit my mistakes now that you know what can go wrong 



    By the way: consider this tool, SQL Integration Services and drink Coca-Cola

    Friday, February 9, 2007 1:43 AM

    i had several projects for datamigration.


    Challenges: Dealing with ambiguities and how to go one step back


    The biggest project cost about 4 months.


    Best practice: Do the migration in several steps. Make columns with reference data in every step. De . The reference data will be used for performance, ambiguity reasons an must help to make the problem simpeler.




    Thursday, February 15, 2007 7:39 PM