[E2007] [EWSMA]: How Can Delegates Tell If They Can View Private Items? RRS feed

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  • Exchange Versions: 8.1 (Build 240.6) and 14.0 (Build 639.21)
    API: Exchange Web Services Managed API 1.1

    If I'm accessing the items in a folder as a delegate via EWS, I want to filter out the private items if "View Private Items = false" for me. As a delegate, how do I find out if that's the case?

    I know that the information is available via the ExchangeService.GetDelegates method, and I can get at that if I'm using the credentials of the delegator. But if I try to get at that with the delegate's credentials, I get the error "The specified object was not found in the store."

    It's strange, though. Because I only seem to get the error if I added the delegate in Outlook (which is version 2007), whereas if I add the delegate through EWS, I don't seem to get the error.

    There's also a Folder.EffectiveRights property, where one of the values in the EffectiveRights enumeration is ViewPrivateItems, but that doesn't seem to be working for me. It looks like maybe it was only added in Exchange 2010 SP1—if so, that would be why it's not working, since I'm currently using 2007 and 2010.

    Can anyone point me to how I can find out if a delegate has View Private Items access using the delegate's credentials?

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011 1:49 PM