How to ask a question RRS feed

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  • Welcome to the HealthVault forums. We are happy to answer your HealthVault application development  questions here.

    Those of us in the forums would like to take this opportunity to provide a few suggestions about how to ask your question so that we can answer it quickly and efficiently.

    Choose a good subject line

    The first thing people will see is your subject line, and it’s very helpful if it tells them enough to know whether they can answer your question. Here are some examples:


    Can I do this?
    Getting an exception…


    Phone app?
    Exception in querying data…


    Does HealthVault support creating iPhone apps?
    ArgumentOutOfRangeException when calling GetMatchingItems()

    Tell us your goal

    There is often more than one way to approach a problem, and sometimes one way works and others don’t. In addition to describing the problem you are running into, tell us what your overall goal is. Or walk us through the though process that got you to where you are.

    If, for example, you tell us that you are working on a component that is designed to synchronize your app’s data with the data in a HealthVault record, we can then understand your issue much better.

    Show us the code

    If your question is code-related, please post whatever code you think is relevant.


    Try searching for the answer to your question first. If you get an error message, search for the error message text.

    If you have searched, and either haven’t found the answer or are confused by what you found, please mention that in your question. That will help us make things better for the next person who searches.

    The HealthVault forum team

    Monday, April 13, 2009 5:23 PM