Resetting GraphicsWindow.MouseDown, GraphicsWindow.MouseUp, and key event handlers: Errors "The variable X is used, but its value is unassigned" and "Cannot find property" RRS feed

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  • Well, I don't know who the developer network guru is going to be and I don't care. For the third or fourth time, I've politely spent an hour dutifully searching forums for the answer to this question, which should be an easy one. But nobody seems to attend to it. There is no documentation that I can find on it, unless it is buried somewhere:

    I want to use an event handler and later nullify it. GraphicsWindow.MouseDown, GraphicsWindow.MouseUp, GraphicsWindow.KeyDown, etc. Don't ask why -- people have reasons, and this is a reasonable request. Maybe for millisecond timing concerns. Maybe for other reasons. In any case, it should be doable. But everytime I try it, I get errors:

    GraphicsWindow.MouseDown = "" [presumably a "Small Basicy" way to reset this handler] gives the error, "Cannot find property 'MouseDown' in 'GraphicsWindow'". Of course this property exists. Did SB "take it out" of the list so it can't be reassigned? Why not document this behavior? Why not warn us?

    GraphicsWindow.MouseDown = nullEvent [an empty Sub] gives the error, "The variable 'nullEvent' is used, but its value is unassigned. Are you sure you have spelled it correctly?" Not even sure what this means.

    Don't anyone give me any "The answer is obvious" or "It's right here under your nose." I've been programming (as well as looking through documentation) longer than most of you have been alive. In the abyss of the Internet, it's an insult for some smug snot to say something like this to anyone, ever, unless he or she is absolutely sure the person at the other end of the line hasn't done the due diligence.

    Monday, May 20, 2019 11:25 AM


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