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  • I am having trouble connecting a WinDbg session into a RPi 3 running Windows 10 IoT Core 10.0.17134.228.

    First question: Is it the case that I need to go in over a/the serial, rather than network? (I couldn't get it working over network, and then began to find/google sentiment that that was not supported)

    If/as assuming I need to go in over Serial, I have the Ableconn RPi-header (PIN6-GND, PINS8&10 for TX/RX and I'm taking 3.3V from PIN 1) to DB9 widget (

    I've run:

    bcdedit /debug on
    bcdedit /dbgsettings serial debugport:1 baudrate:115200

    [x.x.x.x]: PS C:\Data\Users\Administrator\Documents> bcdedit /dbgsettings
    description             Windows Debugger Settings
    debugtype               Serial
    debugport               1
    baudrate                115200
    The operation completed successfully.
    [x.x.x.x]: PS C:\Data\Users\Administrator\Documents>

    seems to confirm all went OK.

    On the host side, I'm using the configuration (COM-port, baud rate) etc. that I use to WinDbg across serial into other (Desktop) Windows 10 platforms, so I'm fairly comfortable on that side of things (unless there's something I need to check?).

    In googleing around, I can't find anything else to set/try.

    One thing, how do I know that "debugport=1" is correct for this setup?  I.e. I don't have Device Manager to see a COM1 (isn't COMn the debugport=n number I use?)

    Anyone done this? And "tricks" to it?  (and can I go in over the network, or is serial the only option?)


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