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    I am working on a project where Documents are created and filled via code. The document is created from a word template. The document is regarded as a master documents with all possible sections. Each section is containing specific text an content controls. I want the master document to be used as a graphical user interface to allow key users to change the look of a certain section. Each section is enclosed with a bookmark.

    While the document is created and filled using Open XML SDK 2.0, depending on use case only some sections are needed. So I have to delete all not needed sections. The enclosing bookmark is used to navigate to the section.

    Since the Open XML model allows bookmarks to be nested and even overleap each other or at least other tags (Tabel, Paragraph). This process is very complicated. Are there any strategies (best practices) to delete a bookmark including every contained content?

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    Wednesday, November 3, 2010 8:50 AM

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