Special device under ACPI bus + CreateDeviceAccessInstance fails


  • I am porting my existing custom device driver on Win8 and making a sample Metro App to communicate with device. I have gone through the BUILD conference video and other related material. Following are the steps and issue faced.

    Driver part:

    1) Converted the older WDK project to compile with VS2011.

    2) Added code (IoSetDeviceInterfacePropertyData) to make device interface restricted.

    Metro App:

    1) Downloaded MoFx2App

    2) Changed the application manifest and code (backend + frontend) to use my driver's GUID (just to check wheter driver opens or not)

    Device Metadata:

    1) Created device metadata using VS2011.

    2) Added the Metro App in the list of previledge application.



    Device is enumerated successfully, but CreateDeviceAccessInstance returns failure(Access Denied). Prints that device metadata does not list any application.

    Is there any step missing? How does the Metro App know which device metadata file to use?


    Friday, January 27, 2012 9:51 PM


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