is there a Control can list both categories and its sub-categories?


  • There is an Windows Phone 8.1 app that could store many items, and each item is of a sub-category, and a category may include one or more sub-categories. And there is also a page for editing(add/delete/edit) the categories and sub-categories.

    My current design is using several pages: a Page named CategoryManagePage.xaml by using ListView to show all categories, and when I hold an category, the appeared context menu can provide edit/delete, while a Tap action on it will open a new Page SubcategoryManagePage.xaml which its sub-categories will be listed. And there is also a CategoryEditPage.xaml for editing the detail of the selected category or sub-category.

    Now, I want some advice or suggestions about how to display all categories and sub-categories, so, is there a control can list both categories and its sub-categories for management? or any other better way to deal with this problem. Thanks.

    BTW, my app is based on VS2013 + WP 8.1

    Monday, September 15, 2014 5:30 AM


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