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  • I am migrating my Team from VSS to TFS.  We currently have many projects(applications) in one VSS database.  They vary from VB 6 projects, ASP.NET apps, web services, windows services, embedded software for handheld devices.  We have a team of 5 developers that work on all these applications.  Many of these projects have interrelated dependencies. 


    I've tried importing 2 applications that have binary references to each other into separate Team Projects, and a client-side dependency is created.  I'm try to apply the definition of Team Project to all of this, but having a hard time describing our system and breaking it down into a Team Project.  Is there a strategy to map VSS structure to TFS Team Project(s)?    What are people doing out there to import VSS into TFS?   There are tools to migrate this over, but there is no  mapping strategy for the directory structure in VSS to TFS projects.  I've looked for documentation out there, and no one talks about how they mapped all of this when they migrated to TFS.


    Let me know if there is anything out there with this information.





    Wednesday, June 18, 2008 10:47 PM


  • Felix,


    First of all you should figure out the desired folder structure in TFS,a nd relationships between different projects. VSS Converter tool allows you to pick and choose VSS folders and migrate them to different folders in TFS, so you are not limited to duplicating VSS folders structure in TFS.


    As to the different approached to project organizations (one Team Project vs several Team Projects), have a look at discussion in TFS Guide.


    Hope that helps,


    Friday, June 20, 2008 6:54 PM