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  • Hi experts, I'm using Office 365 and version is 1810.

    I'm not sure what happened with the update, but DAX editor appears weird with auto-fill.

    For example, it always tries to autofill the closing parentheses when I click "Enter", but I just want to change line. This is super annoying, which means I cannot format my code correctly. I have to type ")" deliberately, hit "Enter" and then remove the ")".

    Intellisense doesn't always work as intended. This is probably not a bug, but just annoying, for example the function accepts a table as the first parameter, and immediately editor shows me all functions starting from ABS(), which doesn't make a lot of sense because (at least the manual says) ABS() only returns values, not tables.

    Also "Tab" brings too much intellisnese, it doesn't behave like this in Visual Studio. In VS you can tab multiple times without autofilling anything. But this one is OK, VS is a mature product and DAX editor is not. So just saying.

    Another thing about tabbing: If I typed, e.g. KEEPF and then use tab to get KEEPFILTERS(, then I have to left click in the editor, otherwise I cannot write the rest of the code. THis should be a bug I guess?

    I'm not sure when can we see a proper DAX editor in Excel. Your focus seems to be in Power BI (its DAX editor has some improvements but still lacks a lot of basic functionalities) but hey we are also paying subscription for Excel 365, please don't forget about us.

    Thursday, November 22, 2018 6:11 AM

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