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    i am creating custom gina (for touchscreens with on screen keyboard, company logo etc), based on the Gina hook example from platform SDK. All calls from Winlogon i pass to msgina.dll, and when msgina calls WlxDialogBoxParam, i display my own dialogs.

    I have a problem with logon dialog. It is displayed this way:



    switch ((DWORD) lpszTemplate)
    	 case 1500:
    			 LOG(L" IDD_WLXLOGGEDOUTSAS_DIALOG - ID: %d",(DWORD) lpszTemplate);
          pfWlxLoggedOutSASDlgProc = dlgprc;
    			int res = pfWlxDialogBoxParam(hWlx, GetMyInstance(), MAKEINTRESOURCE(IPTC_IDD_LOGON), hwndOwner, MyWlxLoggedOutSASDlgProc, dwInitParam);
    			LOG(L"pfWlxDialogBoxParam(101) returned %d",res);
    			if(res==-1)LOG(L"failed: %d", GetLastError());
    			return res;

    It displays, i am able to use on screen keyboard to enter name, password, domain, but when i press OK button, dialog is closed, but then nothin happens, even the log line LOG(L"pfWlxDialogBoxParam(101) returned %d",res); is not executed. If cancel is pressed, it is ok.

    MyWlxLoggedOutSASDlgProc contains this:


    switch (LOWORD(wParam)) {
    		case IDOK:
                res = EndDialog(hwndDlg, IDOK);
    			LOG(L"res: %d",res);
            case IDCANCEL:
    res = EndDialog(hwndDlg, IDCANCEL); LOG(L"res: %d",res);


    Another problem is - if username, password, domain are filled in my logon dialog, how pass i these values to msgina so user can be authenticated??

    Thanks a lot for help,



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