Implementing Help in WPF


  • I'm looking for some direction on implementing "Help" in a WPF solution.

    I like the .chm file solution and understand that I can set it up as a Resource to support Localization which is a requirement. The downside appears to be the interface. It has a standard windows forms look and feel to it vs. the styling that is supported by WPF.

    So, two questions:
    First, is there a newer interface for creating .chm help files? I'm currently using HTML Help Workshop which appears rather dated. 
    Second, is there a way to embed the .chm help files into a WPF control?

    Or, perhaps someone has a better solution they could suggest. I've looked at Sandcastle as an option but feel that it falls short at meeting the requirements, hence the search goes on.

    Tom Mann MCSD C#

    Wednesday, March 02, 2016 4:48 PM


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