Auto Print to Outlook 10 using a VB script signaling out individual email attachments RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I have the following script that I will put at the bottom that will auto print attachments but I only want certain emails with attachments to print...there are maybe 5 or so...can I hard code them in this script or do I need to make a rule for each one...I currently call this script from the "rule" but it grabs every email that has an attachment.

    so if I only want to auto print from an email that is from and and would you recommend doing that?

    Thank you for all ideas! is the script I am currently using:

    Sub LSPrint(Item As Outlook.MailItem)

    On Error GoTo OError

    'detect Temp

    Dim oFS As FileSystemObject

    Dim sTempFolder As String

    Set oFS = New FileSystemObject

    'Temporary Folder Path

    sTempFolder = oFS.GetSpecialFolder(TemporaryFolder)

    'creates a special temp folder

    cTmpFld = sTempFolder & "\OETMP" & Format(Now, "yyyymmddhhmmss")

    MkDir (cTmpFld)

    'save & print

    Dim oAtt As Attachment

    For Each oAtt In Item.Attachments

    FileName = oAtt.FileName

    FullFile = cTmpFld & "\" & FileName

    'save attachment

    oAtt.SaveAsFile (FullFile)

    'prints attachment

    Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")

    Set objFolder = objShell.NameSpace(0)

    Set objFolderItem = objFolder.ParseName(FullFile)

    objFolderItem.InvokeVerbEx ("print")

    Next oAtt


    If Not oFS Is Nothing Then Set oFS = Nothing

    If Not objFolder Is Nothing Then Set objFolder = Nothing

    If Not objFolderItem Is Nothing Then Set objFolderItem = Nothing

    If Not objShell Is Nothing Then Set objShell = Nothing


    If Err <> 0 Then

    MsgBox Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description


    End If

    Exit Sub

    End Sub

    Thursday, February 18, 2016 11:33 PM


  • Hi Latte14,

    >> so if I only want to auto print from an email that is from and and

    If you only want to print the special mailItems, I suggest you check the SenderEmailAddress property of MailItem.

    Here is a simple code:

    Sub SetFlagIcon()  
     Dim mpfInbox As Outlook.Folder  
     Dim obj As Outlook.MailItem  
     Dim i As Integer  
     Set mpfInbox = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Folders("Test")  
     ' Loop all items in the Inbox\Test Folder  
     For i = 1 To mpfInbox.Items.Count  
     If mpfInbox.Items(i).Class = olMail Then  
     Set obj = mpfInbox.Items.Item(i)  
     If obj.SenderEmailAddress = "" Then  
     'Set the yellow flag icon  
     obj.FlagIcon = olYellowFlagIcon  
     End If  
     End If  
    End Sub

    For more information, you could refer the link below:

    # MailItem.SenderEmailAddress Property (Outlook)

    Best Regards,


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