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  • Hi there,

    I have some questions about WHCK Logo Tests.

    Q1) Which Selections are mandatory for eMMC certification?

    In WHCK studio Selection tab, there are four categories such as [systems], [devices and printers], [device manager] and [software device].

        For eMMC, May I choose our eMMC device (selection category -> device manager -> Name Column). Am I right?

    Q2) In case of Windows 8.1 without bitlocker, how to run Storage Performance CS?

        In my understanding, bitlocker should be set to enabled to run Storage Performance CS.

        But, there is no gpedit.msc on the customer system.

        So, I would like to know how to run Storage Performance CS in this case.

    Q3) All the status of tests are PASSED although two items have canceled/failed sub item.

               1. DF - Embedded Signature Verification Test (Certification)

                   Copy Test Results - *.txt è canceled

               2. Wdf - Kmdf Fault Injection Test

                   Copy DV task outputs è failed

    In this case, Can I get Hardware certification submission from MS?

     If not, please kindly help us to solve this.


    Tuesday, October 22, 2013 2:17 AM


  • Q1)

    If you just want to certify the eMMC disk, then select that disk in the device selection. If you want to certify controller then select that device in the device selection. If you want to certify the entire system then select the system to test.


    "Storage Performance CS" is a test that is scheduled on systems that support Connected Standby. The test ensures that the system has BitLocker enabled and encryption completed before continuing with the test. If you have a system that ships with an eMMC as the boot drive and that supports Connected Standby, but does not support BitLocker encryption, please open a support case. If the system does not support Connected Standby, then you should not run this test and if BitLocker is not enabled, then you should enable it.


    I am not familiar with those tests. If you are having trouble passing the tests, then please open a support case so that your issues can be handled appropriately.

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