PC takes time to shut after installing Developer's Preview RRS feed

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  • Hi, one thing that really bother's me is that after installing the developer's preview my computer doesn't seem to shut down like it normally would. I made a few research on google and support.microsoft.com, but didn't resolve the issue. One thing i'm very puzzled at is that everytime I shut down,  the green screen says shutting down, and monitors turns off, however windows is still not completely shut down, the light on my mouse is still on, and I can still here the fan of the processor and of course the light is still blinking in the casing of my motherboard. I waited for about 10-15 mins. but nothing happened. So I'll just press and hold the power button to completely shut it down. Now usually we/you only do force shut down if the PC is completely hanging and when we turn our pc back on, we usually see the message for scandisk since the system was not properly shut down. But in my case there was no error message when I try to turn it back on, and I'm getting worried because this might destroy my system if I have to force shut down everyday. After the monitor shuts off even If I move my mouse the monitor won't turn back on, which means the system already shuts down the monitor. but the rest is on. Please help. :(

    Sunday, October 2, 2011 4:15 PM