How take account County in GeoCoding RRS feed

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     I am trying to geocode a location using By Address method with following parameters

    adminDistrict = NY  

    Locality= Woodbury

    with following url

    it returns me 2 address as there are 2 counites in New York which have city name woodbury. One is Orange County and other is Nassue County. 

    I found out that in response of bing service county name is mentioned in adminDistrict2 , so I thought to add it in url so that I can get one result from the desired county. So I updated the above mentioned url with following one

    Below are the parameters of new url

    adminDistrict = NY  


    Locality= Woodbury

    I am still getting 2 result. Instead of only one from Nassau county.  It seems Bing service is not taking account the Count/adminDistrict2 . is that right ?

    So, my question is , Am i doing it the wrong way ? or there is not way to include the adminDistrict2 in request ?

    The weird thing is that both result from bing service have the matchCodes= Ambigous, ( for both Orange and Nassau County)

    As I didn't see the adminDistrict2 in the parameters list provided at the Find a Location By Address page.

    Thursday, July 13, 2017 3:03 PM