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  • My Platform: Silverlight Windows Phone 7 Soap Services Via WCF.

    If you go to Bing Maps on the Web and click on Search Businesses you get the "Category Property Value Table" that starts with Arts & Entertainment.  I  realize that these top categories can't be used for filtering.

    Then, if you click on "Food & Dining" you get the 8 Food & Dining categories starting with Bakeries.  These have Value IDs so they can be used to filter on.

    Then, if you click on "Restaurants" you get a big long list of Restaurants but I can't find that table anywhere in the Bing Documentation.  So my first question is: Where is the Restaurants table?

    Now,lets say that I am writing a POI app on the Phone that allows POI identification exactly as does Bing Maps on the Web.  I could (1) copy all of these tables and put them in my code or (2) I could download them at run time so if Bing changed the tables my app would adjust automatically.

    So, my big question is: How can (or can I) get this whole POI hierarechy via SOAP services?  If I can't get it (at run time) from SOAP services is there another way?

    .net Developer
    Tuesday, January 11, 2011 10:57 PM


  • The only option you really have is to grab the tables from the web and store them in you application (e.g. create an xml file of the table)
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    Wednesday, April 6, 2011 10:20 AM