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  • Hello!

    I have  2 things to ask:

    1) Here, in the 2nd episode Jump-start tuts for Kinect v2, a Program manager says that Kinect  does not support arm devices (if I heard it clearly), so "any CPU" (Solution>properties>Configuration properties>Platform) is not appropriate. and for simplicity he chooses x86 there.
    However, in my computer running windows 10, there was no choice to pick (there is only "any CPU"). then I managed to get x64, x86 in Debug menu and set it to x86 as said, but "InitializeComponent();" in MainWindow.xaml.cs gets red-underlined as an error.

    What should I do here?

    2) Here again in tutorial, How to access the capabilities of Kinect to have access to "Microphone" and "Webcam"? In episode (2nd) he goes through Package.appxmanifest>Capabilities of MainPage.xaml in Solution. As mentioned it is a must. Since I am on Windows 10, there is no windows store >Blank APP (xaml) template; I am supposed to use WPF application (suggested by an MSDN forum member) and there is no such path to go through.

    I would really appreciate answers as clear as possible!

    Thank you!

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