Aero feedback on a 945g RRS feed

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  • Don't know how to contact the devs working on Windows 8 but I hope they get to see this. Do pass this on if possible.


    After Vista SP1 and all through Windows 7 running Aero on a 945g chipset would cause system interrupts which in turn would cause excessive CPU usage. Restarting the PC would fix this until the next time as would switching to the Basic theme(where it never happened).


    Now I know this is old hardware however I would like to point out that this never happened on pre-SP1 Vista. So whatever changes were made to DWM or the Aero interface in Vista SP1 followed through also to Windows 7.


    Now onto Windows 8. The changes to Aero in Windows 8 have the 945g working as it did pre-SP1 Vista. No system interrupts and DWM is running mostly at 0% CPU usage. Running smooth as silk for the first time in a long time. So I would like to encourage the devs working on Windows 8 to keep Aero as close to it's current form as possible, if possible. I hope the devs get to read this or would be grateful if it could be passed on. Thankyou for this opportunity. Happy Windows 8 user,



    Saturday, November 12, 2011 1:22 AM