Create an asset from blob storage using SAS locator RRS feed

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  • I am attempting to create an asset from a video on blob storage. I have created the asset object and a SAS locator for where to copy the blob. I would like to monitor the copy process somehow. 

    var destinationBlob = new CloudBlockBlob(new Uri(sasUrl));

    When I attempt to copy using
    var result = await destinationBlob.StartCopyFromBlobAsync(sourceBlob);
    I get a "404 Not Found" StorageException.

    If I instead do
    It works fine.

    Is this related to the SAS locator for an asset is of version 2012-02-12?

    By doing UploadFromStream I have no means of monitoring the copying progress. I have attempted to list the contents of the asset container to get copy details, using CloudBlobContainer.ListBlobs, but then I get a "400 Bad Request".

    Any advice to what I am doing wrong?

    I know that there are IngestManifest, but that forces me to first copy the assets to a container named "manifest-XYZ-123", and it seem redundant to first copy from my existing container to a manifest container to get the blob ending up in the asset container.
    Tuesday, February 17, 2015 7:23 PM