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  • For several weeks now, we have created appointments using the Managed EWS API.  The code to create the appointment is pretty simple and sets the meeting room as the Location property on the Appointment object.  This previously would book the room and force the room to accept the meeting/appointment based on the configuration for the RoomMailbox.  Now, however, this doesn't appear to be happening any more.  The code has not changed for creating the appointments.  The Exchange instance being used for development is Exchange online.

    Is it a requirement to add the room/location as a resource to the appointment/meeting request?  If so, is this a recent change?  Is it possible to have the room booked without adding the room to the appointment as a resource?

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    Monday, March 19, 2018 4:02 PM

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  • You need to show your code if you want help, setting just the location on an Appointment wont do anything other then set the text description for Appointment. To book a room using EWS you need to add the Meeting room as an attendee generally to the Resources  eg


    This is not new and hasn't changed what happens when you do this is the Meeting room is added the BCC filed of the Message and a Meeting invitation is sent the Meeting room in question. As long as Calendar processioning is setup on the Meeting room is will the process the Meeting request.


    Monday, March 19, 2018 8:57 PM