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  • Hello community,

    Need expert advise on few questions related to Windows Server Backup feature:

    Architecture is the following:

    1. Server #1. Domain Controller with AD

    2. Server #2. IIS, CRM Email Router, Dynamics CRM 2011, SP Foundation 2010.

    3. Server #3. SQL 2012.

    4. Virtual server, IIS, SQL Express 2012.

    Backup will be copied to a logical drive of one of the servers where network drive is mapped to other serves.


    1. Backup using Windows Server 2008 to a network folder by default overwrites previous versions. That means lose of main advantage of VSS. If the backup will be done locally and copied over the network to a shared drive - is it a workaround to save backup history inside the backup.

    2. If first point is not an option then most common way is to create subfolder for each day (Mon-Fri) and schedule backups. This will increase total size of backups up to 5-7 times comparing to what will be stored inside VHD file. Is it possible to archive the backup? What is the best way to do that? Just schedule zip action for each backup after completion?

    3. Backup of SQL server is possible by adding separate application to Windows Server Backup wizard. Is it a proper way to backup SQL or what is more smart way to do this?

    4. Backup of Virtual machine. Can this be done in the same way as for other physical servers? Are there any exceptions and differences?

    Thanks in advance

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