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    Hi, The Code below works well with the following settings. Now what i want is that, i need the youtuberequestsettings to be automatic so that users in my website will be redirected to google and login themselves and redirect back to this upload page and i dont need to provide their username and password as below.

    Please help me

    YouTubeRequestSettings settings = new YouTubeRequestSettings("Appliactionname", "Developer key" "Username", "Password");

    YouTubeRequest request = new YouTubeRequest(settings);

    Video newVideo = new Video();

    newVideo.Title = txttitle.Text.Trim();

    newVideo.Tags.Add(new MediaCategory("Autos", YouTubeNameTable.CategorySchema));

    newVideo.Keywords = txtkeyword.Text.Trim(); newVideo.Description = txtdesc.Text.Trim();

    newVideo.YouTubeEntry.Private = false; newVideo.Tags.Add(new MediaCategory("mydevtag, anotherdevtag", YouTubeNameTable.DeveloperTagSchema));

    newVideo.YouTubeEntry.Location = new GeoRssWhere(37, -122);

    // alternatively, you could just specify a descriptive string //

    newVideo.YouTubeEntry.setYouTubeExtension("location", "Mountain View, CA"); newVideo.YouTubeEntry.MediaSource = new MediaFileSource("VideoPath", "video/quicktime");

    Video createdVideo = request.Upload(newVideo);

    Thursday, January 6, 2011 1:35 AM