Visual studio/Selenium/Python/TFS 2018 integration - How to send test cases and test results data to tfs or mtm? RRS feed

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  • I have to use Microsoft's TFS 2018 and MTM as testing management solutions.

    I have started writing some selenium test cases using python 3.7 in visual studio 2018.

    What I want to do is to:

    • first write my these test cases in visual studio and create them in tfs or mtm using api calls maybe

    • then execute my selenium test cases from visual studio using pytest and send its results or the junit xml report i produce to the above solutions (tfs/mtm).

    I had a look at online sources but i have not really understood what capabilities the api of tfs has and whether i need these build/releases pipelines or not. In the past I have integrated Selenium/Python with another testing management solution so I am aware of how these APIs calls could work. The problem is that I am just not sure if such calls are supported by TFS.

    I don't really need (at the moment at least) to run my tests let's say daily automatically, i just want to run them manually from visual studio and see these test cases/steps plus their results (passed/failed) in tfs or mtm so that everything is tracked.

    Also, as I have seen, it is suggested to use tfs instead of mtm as it will no longer be supported so maybe a solution for tfs would be more ideal.

    Is this feasible? Can someone help me with this?

    Note: if the programming language I picked prevents me somehow from doing what I want, I wouldn't mind trying a different one.

    Many thanks.

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