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  • It would be nice if microsoft came out with an option to mute an individual web browser or an individual tab.

    One of my side jobs consists of a flash movie opening and replaying over and over, meanwhile I like to do other things. Maybe listen to music or play a game on a different site. I can only do this if I use a completely different computer because I would have to mute the sound of the whole computer instead of having the option to mute just that individual page or browser.

    Its best to have the option to mute an individual tab or a whole browser page.

    I would hate to be listening to music and have to hear something else in the background. Also, it is uncomfortable to use 2 computers. I would not like to have to use an ipod or an mp3 player or a boombox when my laptop can do all that. I doubt its that difficult for a multibillion dollar corporation to come up with a simple solution for this.

    Thursday, November 25, 2010 3:35 AM