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    I am working with an httpmodule ive created with the aim of keeping a users session alive with a call to an existing validatesession method in the application.

    2 issues i am having is firstly i cannot seem to get the users sessionid (a static class), this sessionid is always returning as an empty guid even after it is set in the logon controller.

    secondly i do not seem to be able to instantiate the class i need to call the validatesession method. we use simple injector and i am doing a new registration (as i have no constructor to pass the instance across)... but this (_useraccount) seems to always be null....

    var container = new Container();
                container.Register<IUserAccount, UserAccount>();
                _useraccount = container.GetInstance<IUserAccount>();

    Not sure if i am utilising the right event, im using the beginrequest event in my httpmodule....

    any advice?

    Thursday, June 21, 2018 2:20 PM

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