How to define multiple notifications for a single application RRS feed

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    I may be missing some basics but i am bit confused. My requirement is to write a custom formatter which can format my message template which has some placeholders those needs to be replaced with actual data before sending it to reciever.

    My application has say 4-5 such message templates , all of these are having different data place holders. now each template actually represents a separate notification. but in IContentFormatter.FormatContent method i get array of hashtable where its nothing to know which hash belongs to what notification?

    I mean how can i get appropriate set of data as per my notification? or do i need to write diff formatters for diff notifications?? i dont think so ...

    so in short i need to get some data place holders replaced by notification fields data in message before delivering it so my question is where to keep these fileds data? is the notification field is appropriate place if yes how to match it according to specific notification? or do i need to keep single notification class having all data fields collection required by all notifications?

    Pelase reply ASAP.

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009 2:21 PM