What could cause the MailStore to produce this error: S:DiagnosticInfo=Error: NoRecipients, Diagnostic Information: NotResponsible RRS feed

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  • I hope this is the right place to post this. It crosses over few different technologies...

    Making an extremely long story short, I have written an C# Outlook addin that utilizes Redemption and Add-In-Express. In its most simplest form, it allows a user to place a new message into the exchange online outbox (opened with no_cache and  best_access) while the actual account profile is in cached mode. This is so a user can send a delayed (deferred) email to someone but be able to close Outlook.

    The code works perfectly in Outlook 2010 (x32 and x64) and regardless of how the Exchange account is setup in the outlook profile (cached and non-cached) the message is always sent using the online outbox.

    It does not work in Outlook 2007. The message just sits in the online outbox.

    A couple of days of debugging has narrowed the problem down to either an issue with Redemption or an issue with Outlook 2007s MAPI interface.

    Anyway, going through the Exchange Mail Store Message Tracking logs I found that every time an email is submitted from Outlook 2007 using this method, this error message shows up:

    2012-10-30T23:25:51.211Z,fe80::f5a4:305:1226:d91a%11,EX10,,EX10,"MDB:08b86eba-8bf9-4179-8f77-1a0bc1ee8646, Mailbox:9d432f5c-8ff8-450c-934b-0951f5db4835, Event:39953545, MessageClass:IPM.Note, CreationTime:2012-10-30T23:25:50.304Z, ClientType:System",,STOREDRIVER,SUBMITFAIL,,<1ED72D54854D83438F519EF1006483C14F7587@EX10.hte.local>,,,,,,,,,,2012-10-30T23:25:50.304Z;LSRV=EX10.domain.local:TOTAL=0,,,,,"S:ItemEntryId=00-00-00-(removed for brevity)...;'S:DiagnosticInfo=Error: NoRecipients, Diagnostic Information: NotResponsible:"""" (SMTP:'''')'"

    There are some inherit differences between the properties Outlook 2007 and 2010 apply to a recipient so to rule those out I modified the code so the properties are 99% the same regardless of version. That modified block of code works perfect in 2010, but messages still get stuck in 2007.

    So my question to the Exchange gurus is, what could cause the Mail Store to throw that error?

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