Technical Support "Benefit" is way too hard to access RRS feed

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  • I am stuck setting up Service Fabric.  And the Service Fabric forum is not a "Priority Support" form, and my question has been ignored.

    So I figure I will use one of my Technical Support incidents.  But then I come to find out that I cannot just submit my Technical Support incident.  

    No, you have to CALL Microsoft and get two IDs needed to submit your online request.  In a world of self service online portals, a requirement to call is annoying at best.

    But call I did.  After painstakingly passing the guid that is my Subscription ID over the phone, char by char, the Technical Support person told me their tool to look up my subscription was not working.  So they transferred me.  I waited on hold again until I got to the next guy, he told me that since I cannot access the "Volume Licensing  Portal" he can't help me.  So I get transferred again.  The next guy says that he can only help me with MSDN related things and cannot give me the IDs I need.  He has to transfer me to.... Technical Support (where I started).  (The last guy took pity on me and called technical support first and explained my situation.  But I was still on the phone for over 45 minutes just trying to get these two IDs.

    Overall, I have had a very poor experience trying to access my MSDN benefits.  In the end I was told that I would have to wait for up to 2 days.  And I would be called back with my IDs I need.  (Though it ended up only being a few more minutes.)

    I am not sure I will be pressing my boss to renew the company's subscriptions like I usually do.

    Either way, the protal NEEDS a way to get these values without going through the craziness of a phone call to people who have no clue what the Technical Support benefits of MSDN are.  

    Why isn't getting these IDs (Contract and Access) just part of the portal?

    Tuesday, June 13, 2017 12:22 AM