Can 120Hz display refresh be set as default in Windows Developer Preview?


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    Can Windows 8 detect and set the display to 120Hz if it is available? Windows 8 Developer Preview set my lg w2363d to 60hz while 120hz is readily available in the display Properties right after a clean install. So called "3d ready" monitors are getting rave reviews from the improved desktop experience at 120hz. It is as big an upgrade as a new PC. 


    Here is a few excerpts for your persuation :)

    Wonder in amazement as the 120Hz display produces an easily observable higher fluidity in the animation.

    The ASUS VG236H was my first exposure to 120Hz refresh displays that aren’t CRTs, and the difference is about as subtle as a dump truck driving through your living room.

    Doing precise image editing, as another example, is an area where faster display processing times are desirable.

    120hz lcd Smoother motion and the lack of RTC artifacts leave a highly positive impression, making you unwilling to return to 60Hz.

    I ran Fraps and found using the display’s 120hz mode that once the framerates were up above 80 there is an amazing solidity and 3d-like quality to the gameplay. Once the framerate hits 100+ – well, the effect has to be experienced to understand it.

    Thursday, January 5, 2012 9:43 PM