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  • Hi all again!

    After working with available resources to get something useful done, in my opinion (and for now 2013-01-27) I conclude:


    • C++/CX is OK and very easy to work with;
    • C++ and Wrl is OK and also easy to work with;
    • C++/CX + Winrt + Wrl (the combo) is a huge improvement over Legacy COM and MFC;
    • The (new) Windows Store and Metro are OK and an improvement over Legacy Windows-App.


    • The "Platform::" and "Windows::Foundation" are OK still just scratching the surface of what is needed to build useful (real) applications (just with those).  You are required to write A LOT of code to get something useful;
    • Available (very few) samples are great still a lot more is needed.


    • Documentation sucks (please pardon my language).  Too few samples;
    • The Metadata is not available or accessible in C++/CX;
    • There is no way to activate a Type in C++/CX since you don't have access to the interface that implements your type.  Runtime Activation is possible only in Wrl, although is ok by me it is really bad;
    • Not having any kind of easy way to access ODBC data sources (please at least ODBC) is really an omition.  You can use the ESE (Jet Engine) still it is hardly as productive as using what developers commonly use in any SQL Database;
    • Efforts/Initiatives like Casablanca are inspiring; still they look like experiments that are hardly supported and a risk to be taken since don't have any idea of how they will evolved and Microsoft just let those there in the emptiness. I don't see no momentum in Casablanca or a clear path of evolution for it to become part of the C++ product as library or whatever;
    • In conclusion and speaking of "Developer Productivity" any (bad or good) .Net developer will go around in circles of the best C++ (C++/CX) Native Developer.  It is simply difficult to get something useful done and requires a lot of code to be written and maintained.  Those (developers) that start to develop native windows apps (or any related Windows Native Development) are discourage by: the lack of support; no access to a comprehensive and complete BCL (Base Class Library) such as the .Net BCL; difficult to find samples and limited documentation.

    I see a lot of progress by having C++/CX, WINRT and WRL, and although the progress is visible and tangible it is simply not enough.

    Dear reader: if you kindly expand the 'GOOD' and 'BAD' lists and/or state your opinion or view on any of the above points please let me know.  If I am misleaded in any of the above or you see something incomplete or wrong (due to my lack of knowledge), please correct me.

    Your comments and advice are welcome!!!


    Sunday, January 27, 2013 1:08 PM

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  • I think the database is by design. MS encourage us to use web service instead of local database.


    Tuesday, January 29, 2013 5:32 AM