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  • Hi all,
    I am trying to submit my test result for my virtual audio driver. 

    i tried to find reason of my failed tests according to my understanding kindly guide me how to solve these issues.

    List of failed tests are as follows :
    1.  Audio Logo Test - Basic
        Error : Endpoint of this audio device driver not found. (there is no endpoint because this is virtual audio device not 
        any physical audio device)

    2.  Audio Codec - General Audio Test - WinBlue
        Error : Failed to retrieve pin property 
        KSPROPERTY_PIN_PHYSICALCONNECTION 0x490 on pin 1. (there is no physical connection since it is a virtual audio driver)

    3.  Audio Codec - Hardware Offload of Audio Processing Test - Basic
        Error : Audio device supports audio, but has no audio endpoints!

    4.  Audio Codec - KS Position Test
         Error : Failed to get property 

    5.  HyperVisor Code Integrity Readiness Test
         Error : Unable to understand error

    6.  Embeeded Signature Test
         Error : no log information is there

    7.  Audio Codec - Wave Test - Basic
         Error : The selection criteria did not match any tests.

    How should I troubleshoot these issue. and if i have to create errata for this then how should i create errata to properly convey my issue regarding this failed test. actually i am not able to confirm that tests are failed because of my side or because of microsoft issue. how should i confirm this

    Thanks !!
    Tuesday, November 1, 2016 9:02 AM

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  • From the HLK Studio's Results tab, right click on the failing test(s) and select "Export Test Run".  This will save the test in a directory.  Copy this directory to your test machine and run the Infrastructure setup portion.  Once that's done, go into the appropriate test directory and run "run.cmd".  This will execute each individual test one step at a time.  Use this to determine exactly what step failed, and use that command to a) understand what it is that the test is looking for and b) reproduce the problem and try and fix it.

    These tests seem to be setup for physical devices and so virtual drivers can have problems, but you can try to satisfy the test requirements by implementing the APIs as the test expects them to behave.

    If you find there are fundamental problems with the tests you can try and get an Errata for your driver.  Open a Customer Support Ticket and select as a product "Hardware Lab Kit for Windows 10".   Make sure you've submitted your driver so MS can inspect the results.  In the ticket, explain the fundamental problems and see what happens.

    Saturday, May 20, 2017 12:43 AM