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  • I bought a laptop with windows 7 

    I later installed windows8 preveiw with the intention of dualbooting, however it installed directly over windows 8. 

    Is there any way to reinstall my original legit win7 from the recovery partition? 

    (windows 8 preveiw is unstable and also doesnt allow me to place files on my external usb hard drive - any solutions to this usb hd problem?)
    f8 / alt f10 just go to refresh win8 and it asks for installattion discs to go to factory settings
    Sunday, September 18, 2011 5:41 PM


  • Is there any way to reinstall my original legit win7 from the recovery partition? 


    Reinstall Windows Preinstalled On Computer

    OEM computer manufacturers are required to provide at least one way for you to reinstall Windows if you buy a computer with Windows preinstalled - your computer should have included either a restore partition on your hard drive, or Windows install/restore disks. Most computer manufacturers also have a feature to make your own install disks.

    If the restore partition is still there and was not removed, it will reinstall Windows 7. There is usually a prompt when you first start the computer telling you what key to press to start the restore - check your manual if you're not sure how to. If you have install disks - insert them, restart and boot from them to start the reinstall process. Reinstalling will remove any personal files on the computer, back them up first.

    If you don't have the restore partition or install disks:

    Contact the OEM computer manufacturer and ask them to send you an install disk for your computer - they may or may not do it. If they agree to send you one they may charge a small fee.



    Back up files if you have Windows.old:

    You can cut/copy and paste your personal files from the Windows.old folder to your Documents folder, or use this method:

    How to restore your personal files after you perform a custom installation of Windows Vista or of Windows 7:



    You can also attempt this to return to Windows 7:

    Reverting back to a previous Windows system:


    Sunday, September 18, 2011 5:48 PM