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  • First of all my humble appologies for posting it in this forum where it doesn't belong but i couldn't find any forums that matched my question (englisch seen).

    Anyway currently as part of my job is to revision old computers to newer ones. Now i got myself a computer laying here with Windows 98. Now it happens to be that the users there uses a .mde file based on office 97 developers edition, and they use it frequently.

    Since modifing all the drivers was such a pain, we made a clean install. Thinking that the normal office 97 was able to open the mde file which it was not able to. So basicly we're looking for a Office 97 developers edition installation to get the programm working again.

    I searched the download section in MSDN but gave no results except for a SP2 edition for the tools, but it said you need ODE installed. So that wasn't a option either.

    I would appriciate it if somebody could tell me either where to obtain ODE 97 or how to get working. If i try run it with normal office 97 it says: "A command in the command-line where Access is started with is unvalid and will be ignored" after you click <Ok> it says "cannot find file Mso97rt.dll". However i copied this file to the appriate directory and i searched the register for any keys with that name in it ( but that didn't gave reults so i though it was ok)

    Well my tanks in advanced for helping this to solve

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    p.s. i still have the old disk with all files and programms installed if that might help if i need to copy certain registery keys or normal files, i'm also able to extract the old license-key if needed.

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007 2:38 PM