Set animation for flipview element


  • Hi

    We use an WinJs.UI.Flipview element in order to show breaking news.

    The Data for this element is just a text ,we want to have the ability for an automatic scroll 

    of the list item (for an static interval time).we implement this feaute be setTimeout function 

    and call the next function of the winControl  (winControl.next()).

    the it's work just fine ,the problem start when the user press on an item in the screen to navigate

    to the next screen, if its happen a mill after the winControl.netx() is calling, it throw an exception 

    that the element is no longer exists ,basically its reasonable because we navigate to another page and the previous DOM is no longer exists.

    the question is if there is another way to implement an data autoscrolling except flipView (some based animation of WinJs)?

    If not, could you think of solution for this next() issue.


    Wednesday, October 3, 2012 1:02 PM