Challenge suggestion for MAY - convert a color image into a Black and White INFRARED effect RRS feed

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  • If you look on many websites an existing RGB Image cannot be converted into an IR Image.

    It's because infrared information is not the same as RGB info on the sensor of your camera.

    But we can do a pseudo-infrared image.

    In silver photography , we used to take infrared films, with a dark red filter, and my 4x5 camera on a solid tripod, the exposure time was a couple of seconds at f/16.

    The camera focus was to be not on the focal plane but a little bit (in mm) far because wavelenght are longer, to have a sharp image.

    Here is a REAL infrared picture i did in silver photography in 1977.

    The camera was a Cambo 4x5 in SC-II with Kodak Infrared 4x5 films.

    Note : green foliage is hot, the emit a lot of infrared, so that's why it appears white on the image, they look like snow on the trees.

        blue sky is cold - so it get dark on the image.

    So write a program to

    1) convert the color image to black and white

    2) get the green pixels and boost it to + 2 EV up

    3) get the blue pixels and darken it to -2EV down

    4) finally the red pixels, boost a little bit  + 1 EV   ( EV=exposure value )

    Photography by Yvan Leduc @ 1977
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