How do i fix the drivers for my kinect? RRS feed

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  • So to put is simple im trying to connect my kinect 360 xbox to my laptop, as I need it for the development of my application.

    I have installed the kinect for windows SDK 1.8, as im running 64 windows 7 on my laptop, in addition to this I have also installed the kinect developers tool kit (also version 1.8), in order to try and run the sensor as well as test it before going on to using it my project.

    Now the issue that i am experiencing is that, all drivers have been installed correctly, except "Kinect for Windows Camera", which hits this status/error.

    (and i excuse any faulty translation)

    "The ditital signature of the drivers, which this device needs, could not be confirmed. A change in the hardware or software can have caused, the the installation of a file, which is either signed wrongly, damaged or is a potentially harmfull software from an unknown source (code 52)"

    I have tried reinstalling the sdk and kit, clearing the old drivers from the kinect, avoiding unessesary windows updates, all without success.

    in addition i tried force updating the driver by manually finding it, though it yeild the same status/error, and described earlier.

    as the device is a rental from the my university i am unaware if it has any physical damage, seeing as it also dont havin any visible evidence of this.

    now my questions is, is there anything I have forgotten to try or do software-wise, or can i conclude that the sensor itself might have a physical defect causing it to not be able to install the "Kinect for Windows Camera" driver, in which case I will try return it and possibly test the other kinects the university has to offer.

    Wednesday, March 18, 2015 9:15 AM