Lotus Notes overwriting my try{} catch{} blocks...please help! RRS feed

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  • Greetings,

    Im really new to Lotus Notes, but am picking it up fairly quickly. Basically I'm writing a C# application to synchronize our Notes db with our CRM db, based on some vb scripts already in use. However I'm continually running into roadblocks when debugging, as Lotus brings up a "Lotus Notes Error Notification" end box, telling me data is being sent to help desk, which i am continually cancelling.

    This is all well and good, how ever it is not relaying me any information at all, with regards to what caused the error. More annoying is that it not only bring an up the error dialog box when there is an error not even related to Lotus, but it is also cancelling my try {} catch {} block, rending any stack trace information useless.

    I am developing this in Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite, and am unable to see any debug information, as this notification makes visual studio hang, until it has been cancelled, also killing the application that i am debugging.

    Is there anyway, either as an option, or through the Interop.Domino object that i can disable this error reporting feature, as it is seriously hindering my work efforts.

    Friday, July 6, 2007 1:20 AM