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  • Is it possible to show a granntview a little bit different ?

    I am using a granntview on a modified calendar.
    There is an extra column added "device", that i base the grannt view upon.
    So the upper part in my grannt view shows left a collumn of devices, and next to it the period that they are used; so far great.

    What i need is that if a device is requested again that this is shown on the same line, not on a line below it, any ideas on how to do that ?
    So you get one line like:

    Device     - time needed
    Devicex  xxxxxx            xxxx                       xxx                x

    instead of

    device     - time needed
    Devicex  xxxxxx                     
    Devicex                        xxxx
    Devicex                                               xxx               
    Devicex                                                                    x

    (if every device gets a new line it becomes overwhelming to manage 100+ devices, after a while; even if i would use filters or group by)

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  • Fix the nomenclature first... Gantt Chart. (Give Henry his props.)

    The way data is stored, and the way it is reported is typically different.  Been that way forever.  So, you need the normalized data for all the purposes the data could ever be used, but you need this specific, flat, one-line per product layout for the chart.

    So, you need to perform an ETL, which is the BI buzz word for "Make it flat".  Your options are endless of how you choose to do this. A very simple one would be to have an Access query append the data from the regular list to an output list, of which the chart is based.  Else, you could use SharePoint Workflows to CRUD the data realtime from one list to the other.  You could export all data to Excel, perform the consolidation, then upload back to a list, of which the chart is based. Again, the options are endless, you have to find the one that you love and undertand and can maintain. (Congrats you're now a BI programmer.)

    There are also aftermarket Gantt chart webparts that you can use in SharePoint. I doubt there is a free one that will perform the transformation for you, but take a look and see what you can find.  Hmmm, Maybe I should make one.


    Steve Clark, MCTS | Twin-Soft.com
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